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Established in 1880, the Old Wilmington City Market is a one-story brick and stucco building stretching an entire city block between Front and Water Streets. It features 14-foot ceilings and glass skylights running the entire length of the structure.


From its humble beginning as the Farmer's Market for 40 years, turned Auditorium, to a specialty Shopper's House, the City Market, formerly 'Wilmington Market Company' as well as the 'The Market House'  has become a shopping haunt for locals, visitors and historians alike. It has ridden the waves of political and economical challenges and has withstood the the test of time including the closing of its doors for a number of years.

City Market of Wilmington, LLC. Today, it houses a melange of specialty shops as well as art and craft galleries and quietly graces the southern end of historic downtown Wilmington, and the Cape Fear River as it captures the hearts of those who enters its doors. 

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